A Christian View of Men and Things:An Introduction to Philosophy


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A Christian View of Men and Things: An Introduction to Philosophy, Gordon H. Clark

M. P. Ithaca, NY: Clark’s overview of truly Christian philosophy is the best such book that I have read and one of the best books I have read, period. His philosophy is consistent across domains, which is something that many, more famous philosophers have never been able to achieve. To witness such an achievement is something of which no student of philosophy should deprive himself. Clark’s lucidity and consistency demand and demonstrate the highest standards in philosophical inquiry and writing, and the final result is compelling. Not to be missed.

A. B, Pasadena: Of Clark’s philisophical works, this stands as one of the best, excepting perhaps his larger introduction to philosophy entitled, “Thales to Dewey.” His aim in “A Christian View of Men and Things” is threefold (from the introduction): 1) To demonstrate what a a theistic worldview would be by exploring its implications in several fields. 2) To contrast theism and naturalism and trace the divergent implication of these two types through various subjects in order to clarify our understanding of both. 3)To phrase the whole in an elementary introduction to philosophy.

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