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Our Reasonable Faith: A Survey of Christian Doctrine by Bavinck

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 SYS 500 – Christian Doctrine (Bavinck Free Course Offer)

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This course is the study of Christian Doctrine from a perspective of being less technical, less exclusively professional, and more popular than the Herman Bavinck’s Dogmatics.  It presents the fundamental doctrines of biblical teaching, but it does this with the feeling and perspective of a world involvement instead of a world flight, as in sectarian pietism.  The course exposes two inside threats to a true biblical faith: formal orthodoxy and evasive piety.  At the same time it upholds the true Christian optimism of “the faith that has the promise of victory over the world.”  The course is intended to furnish the student with a doctrinal foundation for his subsequent theological studies, as well as his future work in ministry.

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Our Reasonable Faith by Herman Bavinck (new paperback available)

This comprehensive treatment of Christian doctrine was first issued in 1909 under the title The Wonderful Works of God. It has served well as a synopsis of Bavinck’s larger, four-volume Dogmatics, for it presents in clear perspective all the fundamental doctrines of the Bible.  Above all, Bavinck was a thoroughly Scriptural theologian – he was always guided by the Bible as he systematized Christian truth. He remained a supreme apologist for Reformed Christianity and consistently exposed two inside threats to the Reformed Faith: formal orthodoxy and evasive piety.  At the same time he upheld true Christian optimism and affirmed that “the faith has the promise of victory over the world.”

Herman Bavinck was professor of theology at the Free University of Amsterdam


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