By the Bible Alone — John Owen’s Theology by Stephen Westcott


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By the Bible Alone!

is an overview, introduction, and guide to John Owen’s Puritan theology for modern readers and churches. It opens up and applies Owen’s reprinted Works. His theology greatly impacted Protestant and evangelical theology. Yet, he is poorly understood today, his particular concerns and emphases often missed, and his real contribution to our understanding of the Christian faith has slipped from the grasp of later Reformed students and pastors. This book corrects that situation. It opens up the riches of Owen’s theology by providing keys to the core issues of his thought, highlighting his unique contributions to the advancement of Reformed theology, and by generally making his writings clearer and more accessible to today’s Christian readership. By the Bible Alone! is especially valuable to students and pastors, by allowing John Owen to speak for himself with extended extracts from his writings, supplemented with introductory and interpretive comments, and focusing the whole for the twenty-first century Christian world. The Puritan theology of John Owen is described as “The Biblical and Reformational theology expressed by the greatest of all Puritan theologians,” and the purpose of this volume is described as being “to allow John Owen to lead the reader into a thorough understanding of that biblical faith, and equip him to face its challenges in contemporary society.”

By the Bible Alone!

  • Provides material and insights into Owen’s refutation of major non-Reformed theologies. Supplies an entire Owenian-Puritan biblical theology in outline.
  • Follows Owen as he deals with questions of Bible text-transmission, the relation of philosophy to religion, pastoral questions re: the nature of conversion, assurance, baptism, divorce & remarriage and other controverted points, from his Puritan standpoint.
  • The reader will vigorously reassess his own spiritual standing/motivation in light of true Christian theology!

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