Creeds of the Churches: A Reader in Christian Doctrine – Leith


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Creeds of the Churches: A Reader in Christian Doctrine, from the Bible to the Present (Paperback) – John H. Leith

I highly recommend this work! No Christian library is complete without this book. One of the main problems that is present with believers in the contemporary church is that they have no grasp at why they believe what they believe. Too often they just rely on Christian self-help novels and supposed daily devotional books to help them with their Christian understanding. This I believe is a great tragedy. How can we accurately understand and communicate our beliefs if we can only convey the fuzzy feeling that we have inside our heart? We need to go much deeper.

I recommend this book very highly because it clearly maps out the ways in which Christianity has matured throughout the centuries. Christians throughout time have had differing opinions about what the inherent Word of God says. Often times some believers have been completely wrong and tragically formulated heresies with their ideas. Leaders of the church have been present to confront the inaccurate thesis. The Creeds of The Churches lays out what the church of those times truly believed in order that there would be no argument as to what the church stood for.

Purchasing this book is truly a great investment, one that will indeed bring you to a closer understanding of the beliefs which men before us believed. Beliefs which solidify what we believe today. – Anon in CA.


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