God’s Hammer: The Bible and its Critics – Gordon H. Clark


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JA, Orange, NJ: One of the distinguishing features of any book written by Gordon Clark is the razor sharp precision with which he defines words. In ‘God’s Hammer’ this is especially important due to the subject matter. The author believed that each generation of Christians has a particular doctrinal battle to fight. One of the major battles for our generation is for the inerrancy of the Bible. If this foundation is undermined then any and all Christian doctrine can be compromised of completely disgarded. Two ways that the author attempts to defend the Bible’s plenary inspiration is by what the Bible itself has to say in this regard, and secondly by showing the logical consistency of the Scriptures. Mr. Clark points out that this is no easy task in our day because many are convinced that the Bible contradicts itself. Gordon Clark is well aware that at the end of the day, that God by His spirit must reveal to any individual the absoulute truthfulness of His Word.

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