The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, Boettner


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The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, Boettner

The classic in the Eerdmans 1941 volume.   Review by EM, TX

Loraine Boettner’s book explains clearly that God is 100% sovereign and accomplishes what He purposed BEFORE the world was made. People will allow God to be sovereign in everything but the affairs of man, especially in salvation. This book refutes point by point the arguments against the absolute sovereignty of God. This book clears up one of the main arguments of Arminians–that if God is the ultimate means by which ALL things happen, even bad things–this makes God the author of evil. This Arminian argument is swept away by Boettner’s clear explanation concerning the absolute RIGHT that God has with HIS creatures to do as He decides. This leaves us totally in awe of God’s holiness. We are reduced to humility and thankfulness for the grace that God exercised in our individuaL lives. EVERY christian should be required to read this book before entering any debate concerning God’s dealings with sinful mankind. Boettner sets out explaining the doctrine and then in section III he takes on the obvious objections to the doctrine. Read this book first. 

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