The Religious Tradesman by Richard Steele


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The Religious Tradesman by Richard Steele

For the last 400 years, there’s been a serious shortage of books on the market which apply the principles of Scripture to a person’s calling in life and thus how their life’s calling is a witness to Christ and His gospel.  All too often, even in Christian circles, people tend to divorce their daily work from Christian service and Christian principles.  They seem to operate in two separate spheres in their lives:  One dealing with religious and church-related matters, and one dealing with their jobs and secular matters.  As a result, very few people have a proper grasp as to how the Bible relates to their job or business.  While this book was written in the 1600s, its application to today could never be more needed.  The purpose of this book as required for this course on the Theology of Reformed Evangelism is to demonstrate to students that evangelism is a life-calling for Christian, but is one that does not require church visits door-to-door, but rather in the everyday living of one’s life as a Christian.


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