Today’s Gospel by Walter Chantry


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Today’s Gospel by Walter Chantry
Differences between much of today’s preaching and that of Jesus are not petty; they are enormous.  The chief errors are not in emphasis or approach but in the heart of the Gospel message.  Were there a deficiency in one of the areas mentioned in these pages, it would be serious.  But to ignore all–the attributes of God, the holy law of God, repentance, a call to bow to the enthroned Christ–and to pervert the doctrine of assurance, is the most vital mistake.  This powerfully written book has a message which goes to the heart of the contemporary problem in a way that conferences and commissions on evangelism have failed to do.  Its expository approach is particularly valuable.  Walter Chantry served as pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Carlisle, PA, for thirty-one years.


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