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Dr. Philip Stott 

Lectures & Books on Scripture & Science


The books and lectures of Dr. Philip Stott deal with a variety of Scripture & Science issues vital for understanding our world scientifically in light of the Scriptures.  They also challenge humanistic “science” (falsely so-called—1 Timothy 6:20) in many issues that have enormous influence in shaping the attitudes of our society and the way we think and look at life. He examines and exposes the astonishingly flimsy “scientific evidence” behind the Big Bang, Relativity, and Evolution. A number of theories taken as indisputable from primary school to the university are examined and found to be in serious doubt.  

Philip Stott, while born in England in 1943, has long lived in Africa, currently residing in South Africa.  He has maintained a life-long interest in several branches of science, though his initial training was in civil engineering.  As a professor at a number of different universities he took advantage of available courses in these other scientific areas of interest. After many years as a firm atheist, he converted to Christianity in 1973.  Since then, he has traveled widely lecturing and taking part in debates dealing with scientific and Scripture matters.  Most notable among these travels were his trips to Russia from 1991 to 2001 at the request of different secular universities where he was asked to lecture on these topics to groups of largely atheistic scientists.  In these visits, his skills as a debater were greatly enhanced.  Dr. Stott earned his Ph.D. in Scripture and Science from Reformation International Theological Seminary.


Dr. Stott’s Scripture & Science materials come with the following options:

Audio Only Version Set of Six Lectures in MP3 form/electronic download (Retail $24.99) $19.99

Book Vital Questions, by Dr. Stott  (Retail $19.50) $15.60.


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