GRK 501 – Biblical Greek 1

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New Testament Greek for Beginners by J. Gresham Machen – optional

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Koine Greek New Testament – optional

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GRK 501 – Biblical Greek 1

GRK 501 – Biblical Greek 1, a 4 credit hour course of studies in the Masters programs of Reformation Inteternational Theological Seminary.

Course Description:  4 credit hours.

This is the first course in the study of the Koiné Greek in which the New Testament was written. With the aid of 15 audio mp3 lectures on download, a workbook, and a textbook, the student is led through the fundamentals of the language. In this study the student will learn NT Greek grammar and vocabulary as well as translation. Each lesson is built on the materials taught and learned in the preceding Lessons, so the Lessons are cumulative, not isolated. The lectures by Professor Richard Gainer are specifically designed to teach candidates for the Gospel ministry. However, the material is quite suitable for anyone to learn biblical Greek as well. This course is a prerequisite to taking GRK 502 (Biblical Greek 2).

Required Materials for the Course (see below for more information and purchase)

GRK 501 – Course Payment – Biblical Greek 1 (4 credit hours)

This covers the tuition payment for this 4 credit hour course.

TEXTBOOK (Required):  New Testament Greek for Beginners (by J. Gresham Machen)

This book is required for the course and used throughout both GRK 501 & GRK 502.

Greek Bible (Strongly Recommended, not required):  Koine Greek New Testament Text (by Trinitarian Bible Society) recommend for students who will only be taking Greek courses.

This is the Greek New Testament text underlying the English Authorized Version of 1611.  As you become increasingly proficient in Greek, you will find consulting the actual text to be very useful.  This is the text from which the Biblical Greek courses are taught.

LECTURES & Lecture Workbook:  Greek Lectures (15) and accompanying workbook (DOWNLOADABLE VERSION with 15 audio MP3 lectures & PDF Workbook).

The lectures and workbook are by Prof. Richard Gainer using J. Gresham Machen’s New Testament Greek for Beginners.  These lectures only apply to GRK 501.  The workbook is included with the lectures.

The audio lectures are in an MP3 format and are available by download.


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