History of Christianity, 1650-1950. Secularization of the West




History of Christianity, 1650-1950. Secularization of the West
by James Hastings Nichols
(new paperback)

This book covers the development of Christian church and life during the crucial period of the three centuries covering 1650 to 1950.  This remains the most complicated and least generally known of the major divisions of church history. The long series of crises during this period can now be seen as a revolution in the relation of Christianity to Western culture.  A knowledge of the events of these three hundred years and a clear grasp of their significance are of great importance to the responsible Christian student. The author has conceived this book, therefore, as an orientation to the present state of Christianity.  This book is required reading for the course in Modern Church History at Reformation International Theological Seminary.  

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History of Christianity

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