Pastoral Work, by Andrew W. Blackwood


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Pastoral Work by Andrew W. Blackwood
Andrew Watterson Blackwood was a pastor, professor, and prolific author, in the service of Jesus Christ. He was once one of the leading figures in American homiletical theory, and left a rich legacy for those who would serve the cause of Jesus Christ today.  An ordained Presbyterian, Blackwood spent what he called “seventeen happy years in the pastorate” before turning to full time seminary teaching. His teaching career began in 1926 when he accepted an appointment as Professor of English Bible at Louisville Seminary.
Pastoral Work is Blackwood’s instructional book on pastoral theology.  The contents of part one ‘Basic Forms of Pastoral Work’ include: The Rediscovery of the Need, The Minister After the War, The Difficulties of the Work, The First Days in a New Field, The Making of a General Plan, The Place of the Pastor’s Wife, The Call in a Typical Home, The Wisdom of Offering Prayer, The Reading from the Bible, The Art of Winning Children, The Ways of Attracting Men, The Claims of the Sickroom, The Plight of Shut-in Friends, The Ministry to the Sorrowing, and The Habit of Keeping Records.
In part two Blackwood explains what is involved in the ‘Other Kinds of Pastoral Work,’ this includes: The Usefulness of a Kit Bag, The Help of the Mail Carrier, The Blessing on a New House, The Concern About Newcomers, The Openings for Evangelism, The Treatment of Special Cases, The Handling of Moral Problems, The Attitude Toward Sex Tangles, The Value of a “Pastor’s Hour”, The Servant of the Community, The Work of a Paid Assistant, The Enlisting of Lay Visitors, The Increase of Churchgoing, and The Rewards of Pastoral Work.


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