Principles of Biblical Interpretation by Louis Berkhof


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Principles of Biblical Interpretation

by Louis Berkhof

As a primer, Principles of Biblical Interpretation has no equal.

Its author, Louis Berkhof, had established himself as one of the finest evangelical theologians of the century when he published this textbook in 1950.

Berkhof introduces the reader to grammatical, historical and theological interpretation.  he shows the Bible student ways “in which the differences or the distance between a [biblical] author and his readers may be removed.”  And this can only vbe accomplished when readers “[transpose] themselves into the time and spirit of the author.  In the study of the bible, it is not sufficient that we understand the emaning of the secondary authors; we must learn to know the mind of the Spirit.”

This text is used as one of the required readings for students in Reformation International Theological Seminary.

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