LECTURES: SYS 602 Systematic Theology Lectures and Detailed Outlines (82 lectures)


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These lectures are by Rev. Dr. Carl Bogue (82 lectures) through the entire Westminster Confession of Faith. This particular series covers chapters 21 through 33 including the study Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day; Of lawful Oaths and Vows; Of the Civil Magistrate; Of Marriage and Divorce; Of the Church; Of Communion of Saints; Of the Sacraments; Of Baptism; Of the Lord’s Supper; Of Church Censures; Of Synods and Councils; Of the State Men after Death, and of the Resurrection of the Dead;and Of the Last Judgment. He uses the original Westminster Confession of 1647. Along with the lectures, we also include a very detailed outline and almost word-for-word transcript which essentially eliminates the vast majority of note-taking.

The audio lectures are in an MP3 format and are available by download. The detailed outlines are in password protected PDF files viewable or printable from any computer.



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