The Time of the End by Jay E. Adams and Milton C. Fisher (New Paperback, 120pp)


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Jay Adams and Milton Fisher do a sterling job in disclosing the meaning of the symbolism of Daniel.  Their handling of the breakup of Alexander’s empire among his four leading generals is most noteworthy.  They correctly render the symbolism of the “little horn” in Daniel 8 as referring to Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria.  Perhaps the most interesting and gripping element of this book is the analysis it provides of the highly-controversial meaning of the “seventy weeks” of Daniel.  The treatment of this question alone makes the reading of this book worthwhile and mandatory.  As the book of Daniel itself brings consolation to all who love the sovereignty of God, so this treatment of Daniel’s book will serve as a strong re-enforcement of that consolation.  I am grateful for this careful and cogent labor of love.  (Dr. R. C. Sproul, 1999)

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