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Westminster Confession of Faith

This product is a complete series of 214 scripturally based lectures in sermon format using the original Westminster Confession of Faith (1647) as the topical structure. It covers the entire Confession, all major areas of theology and as such, is used by Reformation International Theological Seminary as the lecture base for its four Systematic Theology courses. The speaker is Rev. Dr. Carl Bogue, now Pastor Emeritus of Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA), Akron, Ohio who now resides in Arizona.

Detailed and extensive outlines and full transcripts accompany each series of lectures (NOTE: OUTLINES AND FULL TRANSCRIPTS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR ENROLLED SEMINARY STUDENTS AT RITS). These make this series very conducive for adult Bible studies, Sunday school classes and discussion groups.

The audio lectures are in an MP3 format and are available by download.

Included in the complete set are the following four Systematic Theology course lectures.

Westminster Confession Chapters 1-5  (Systematic Theology 1 – SYS 501) including the study of Holy Scriptures, of God and the Trinity, and of God’s Creation and Providence.

Westminster Confession Chapters 6-9 (Systematic Theology 2 – SYS 502) including the study of The Fall of Man, Of Sin, and of the Punishment Thereof, of God’s Covenant with Man, of Christ the Mediator, and of Free Will.

Westminster Confession Chapters 10-20 (Systematic Theology 3 – SYS 601) including the study of Effectual Calling, Justification, Adoption, Sanctification, Saving Faith, Repentance unto Life, Good Works, Perseverance of the Saints, Assurance of Grace and Salvation, Law of God, and Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience.

Westminster Confession Chapters 21-33 (Systematic Theology 4 – SYS 602) including the study Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day; Of lawful Oaths and Vows; Of the Civil Magistrate; Of Marriage and Divorce; Of the Church; Of Communion of Saints; Of the Sacraments; Of Baptism; Of the Lord’s Supper; Of Church Censures; Of Synods and Councils; Of the State Men after Death, and of the Resurrection of the Dead; and Of the Last Judgment.


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