BTS 501 – Covenants of Promise

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The Christ of the Covenants (Paperback) by O. Palmer Robertson

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BTS 501 – Covenants of Promise

BTS 501 – Covenants of Promise, a 3 credit hour course of studies in the Masters programs of Reformation International Theological Seminary.

Course Description:  3 credit hours

The course is designed as an introduction to much of what the student will be studying in future courses as well as an application of biblical theology, i.e. how this subject is developed and expanded through successive expansions and insights into God’s covenants of promise.  The various covenants are all progressive parts of the one overarching covenant of grace as promised and fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  This course approaches the subject from an exegetical and biblical-theological perspective, so that the richness of the covenant shines through and the Christ of the covenant is proclaimed.  This study will help the student to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially as shown in the Old Testament and brought to fulfillment in the New Testament.  It will also show both the unity of Scripture through all of the sixty six books of both the Old and New Testaments.  Since the covenant of grace is perhaps the most dominant theme throughout Scripture, each of the successive covenants of promise serve as a plumbline against which many errors and heresies so common today may be measured, understood and critiqued.  False gospels become much more clear when measured against the true gospel of the Christ of the Covenants who saves always and only by grace alone and evidenced in their works of holiness from the God who promised to call a people to be His people and to be their God.

 Required Materials for the Course (see below for more information and purchase)

BTS 501 – Course Payment – Covenants of Promise (3 credit hours)

 This covers the tuition payment for this 3 credit hour course.

TEXTBOOK:  The Christ of the Covenants (paperback) by O. Palmer Robertson.  

This book is referred to repeatedly by the lecturer and and is required reading for the course.

LECTURES:  Covenants of Promise Lectures and Outlines (DOWNLOADABLE VERSION with 35 audio MP3 lectures, PDF transcripts & PDF Outline)

These lectures are by Rev. Dr. Joseph Morecraft III and were given in 1983.   They are probably the singular most concise and profound lectures on the subject available.  The course description above covers their content.  There is no charge for the lectures as they are in the public domain though not publicly available or of the best quality.  Along with the free lectures, we also include word-for-word transcripts for our students as there are some errors in references which have been corrected in the transcripts.  We also identify some of the references to the outlines, since they were given out during the lectures and renumbered with each new set.  We have footnoted where these are in the outlines that we have given you.  The outlines are significantly more detailed than the lectures.

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The Christ of the Covenants (Paperback) by O. Palmer Robertson

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