BTS 501 MP3 Audio Lectures + PDF Transcript/Outline



LECTURES:  Covenants of Promise Lectures and Outlines (DOWNLOADABLE VERSION with 35 audio MP3 lectures, PDF transcripts & PDF Outline)

These lectures are by Rev. Dr. Joseph Morecraft III and were given in 1983.   They are probably the singular most concise and profound lectures on the subject available.  There is no charge for the lectures as they are in the public domain though not publicly available or of the best quality.  Along with the free lectures, we also include word-for-word transcripts for our students as there are some errors in references which have been corrected in the transcripts.  We also identify some of the references to the outlines, since they were given out during the lectures and renumbered with each new set.  We have footnoted where these are in the outlines that we have given you.  The outlines are significantly more detailed than the lectures.


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