Classical Readings in Christian Apologetics by L. Russ Bush


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Classical Reading in Christian Apologetics

by Russ L. Bush

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This volume is a collection of selected readings that are of continuing significance for Christian apologetics.  Dr. Bush has written a general introduction to the field of apologetics and an introduction to each apologist cited and the work or works from which selections have been drawn.  A brief bibliography is also given for each writer.  Christians have always been called on to defend their beliefs–certainly no less today than at any other time in history.  In this book the outstanding apologists of previous centuries become models, both in the content of their writing and in their methodology, for Christians today.  All those who love the Lord and His church and are concerned that many be made aware of the reasonableness of the Christian faith will find this book enlightening and exciting.  The readings considered in this book are by Justin Martyr (A.D. 100-167); Athenagoras (2nd Century); Irenaeus (AD 120-203); Tertullian (AD 155-235); Origen (c. AD 185-c. 253); Athanasius (c. AD 298-373); Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430); Anselm of Canterbury (AD 1033-1109); Thomas Aquinas (AD 1225-1274); John Calvin (AD 1509-1564); Joseph Butler (AD 1692-1752); and William Paley (AD 1743-1805).

The conditions of these used paperback books vary but are all in good reading condition.  Some may have markings on them.

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