Reason Enough: Case for the Christian Faith by Clark H. Pinnock


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Reason Enough:  A Case for the Christian Faith

by Clark Pinnock

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Is there any reason to believe in the Christian message?  Is there reason enough?  Encouraging both faith and critical judgment, Clark Pinnock investigates the truth claims of the Christian message in the light of five circles of evidence.  Pragmatic (Does the gospel give life meaning?); Experiential (Is religious experience credible?); Cosmic (Do the heavens really declare the glory of God?); Historical (Did the Son of God actually come to earth?); Corporate (Does Christian faith change lives?).  Every open-minded, inquisitive person should check out the Christian faith for themselves.  Here is a good place to start.

The conditions of these used paperback books vary but are all in good reading condition.  Some may have markings on them.

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