MTH 703 – Theology of Worship (Liturgics)

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MTH 703 - Course Payment - Theology of Worship (Liturgics)


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Public Worship and the Reformed Faith, Barry Gritters

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MTH 703 – Theology of Worship (Liturgics)

 MTH 703 – Theology of Worship, a 3 credit hour course of studies in the Masters programs of Reformation International Theological Seminary.

Course Description: 3 credit hours

The principles, structure and conduct of congregational worship.  The purpose of the course is to master the biblical principles of worship as they apply to the structure and conduct of worship in the Christian Church.

Required Materials for the Course

MTH 703 – Course Payment – Theology of Worship (3 credit hours)

This covers the tuition payment for this 3 credit course.

LECTURES: DOWNLOADABLE Theology of Worship MP3 audio lectures (36), PDF transcripts, and outline.

These lectures were given in a classroom seminary setting in the 1990s by Dr. Robert Grossmann. They include many student questions and practical applications.  The lectures are fully transcribed in an outline format, and also provide the professor’s outline of his class notes handed out to the students.  As these are available in pdf files, the student can print them if needed. Most students have found the transcripts and especially the outlines invaluable as they cut down substantially on the necessity of most note-taking.

TEXTBOOK: Where Everything Points to Him by K. Deddens (Paperback)

Required reading. The Church of Jesus Christ does not live her life in isolation. Even in her corporate worship, she can seem adversely influenced by the surrounding culture. Some ministers come to model themselves – even if only unconsciously – after entertainers. And some of the worshipers seem to think a worship service is essentially a meeting between people in which social and aesthetic norms must prevail. In such a climate it is helpful to be reminded of the principles that have shaped corporate worship in the Reformed tradition. Dr. Karl Deddens offers us a series of reflections that can help us find the path again in case we have strayed.

Everything in the worship service is geared to the praise and honor of God. Therefore, it is of the greatest importance for us to ask: Does the congregation serve and honor her God in the proper way? Do the people understand all of the liturgy? Do they know what is going on in the whole worship service?

TEXTBOOK: Public Worship and the Reformed Faith by Barry Gritters (Paperback)

Required reading. Pastor Barry Gritters Reformation Day Speech sponsored by the Lecture Committee of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America.  Gritters explains the principles of Holy Scripture regarding public (corporate) worship, and answers the questions, (1) What is worship? (2) How does God’s Word regulate our worship? and (3) What characterizes true Reformed worship?

TEXTBOOK: An Outline of Christian Worship by William Maxwell

This book is required reading and is supplied without charge in PDF format along with the lectures.  The book attempts to give a concise outline of Christian worship and the forms that it has taken from earliest times to the present.  The aim has been practical, direct towards the clear delineation of the basic facts and principles at a time when a quickened interest in worship is manifest throughout all communions of the Church.  A large proportion of the space is devoted to the worship of the Reformed Churches, particularly to the early liturgies of these Churches.  This has been necessary because of the strange neglect shown towards these liturgies by British scholars, resulting in widespread misunderstanding of a most important period.

TEXTBOOK: Liturgics by P. Y. DeJong

This book is required reading and is supplied without charge in PDF format along with the lectures.  Attention is directed, in this book, not to private or family worship, although it sustains intimate associations with these, both springs from and feeds to them as they are to be carried on personally and privately.  This book presents the student with a basic outline with some explanations on public worship together with study. The aim of the course is to introduce the student to the biblical principles and requisites for church worship, to the rise and development of the Reformed church together with its liturgical prescriptions and patterns, and to the urgency of a renewed liturgical understanding and practice in the congregations which ministers are called to serve.

For the past century calls for liturgical rethinking and renewal have sounded through nearly every church which calls itself Christian. Much valuable work has been done by scholars in recovering patterns from the past, even those which are embedded in the New Testament writings. However, increasingly we find a tendency to magnify the sacraments, specifically the Lord’s Supper or Eucharist, at the expense of the liturgy of the Word. All this and much else should be tested by the Holy Scriptures which is the only and all-sufficient rule for faith and life, thus also for church worship. Only then will also the congregations be able to glorify the God of salvation in a manner which delights Him and gives joy and strength to their daily lives.

TEXTBOOK: Biblical Worship Primer  by Robert Grossmann

Ten lessons, with question, on the subject of biblical worship.  This booklet is required reading and is supplied without charge in PDF format along with the lectures.

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