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LECTURES:  Theology of Reformed Evangelism Lectures and Outlines (DOWNLOADABLE with 23 audio MP3 lectures, PDF transcripts & PDF Outline)

These sermon/lectures were given in front of congregations specifically for the purpose of teaching on the subject of Reformed Evangelism. Of the 23 lectures, 17 are delivered by Rev. Dr. Jeffery K. Boer and 6 were delivered by Rev. Geoffrey W. Donnan. The lectures are fully transcribed in an outline format, and also provide the professor’s outline of his class notes handed out to the students and perfected during transcription. As these are available in pdf files, the student can print them if needed. Most students have found the transcripts and especially the outlines invaluable as they cut down substantially on the necessity of most note-taking.

Also included with these files is a free version in PDF format, several required readings, specifically, The Westminster Confession of Faith (to be used for those who may not other have a copy and to accompany the lectures), The Religious Tradesman by Richard Steele, and Reformed Perspectives on Evangelism: A Selection of Readings from a Reformed Perspective edited by Geoffrey Donnan but including too many authors to mention here.


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