PAS 701 – Hermeneutics & Homiletics

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PAS 701 Hermeneutics & Homiletics - Course Payment


PAS 701 MP3 Audio Lectures + PDF Transcript/Outline


Preaching with Purpose: The Urgent Task of Homiletics by Adams

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Pulpit Speech by Jay Adams

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PAS 701 – Hermeneutics & Homiletics

PAS 701 – Hermeneutics & Homiletics, a 4 credit hour course of studies in the Masters programs of Reformation International Theological Seminary.

Course Description: 4 credit hours

This course is a study of the principles and practice of biblical hermeneutics based on the nature of Scripture and the historic grammatical-historical-theological principle with a particular focus on its us in sermon preparation.  Homiletical principles will be studied throughout the hermeneutical portion but will also have concentrated lectures aimed and the producing and preaching biblical sermons.

Required Materials for the Course (see below for more information and purchase)

PAS 701 – Course Payment – Hermeneutics & Homiletics (4 credit hours)

This covers the tuition payment for this 4 credit course.

LECTURES: Hermeneutics & Homiletics Lectures (DOWNLOADABLE with 38 audio MP3 lectures, PDF transcripts, PDF Outline & PDF Homiletics by P. Y. DeJong–required reading)

These lectures were given in a classroom seminary setting in the 1990s by Dr. Robert Grossmann. They include many student questions and practical applications.  The lectures are fully transcribed in an outline format, and also provide the professor’s outline of his class notes handed out to the students.  As these are available in pdf files, the student can print them if needed. Most students have found the transcripts and especially the outlines invaluable as they cut down substantially on the necessity of most note-taking.

TEXTBOOK: The Relevance of Preaching by Pierre Ch. Marcel (Paperback–currently not yet in print–available from the  seminary)

This book is required reading.

TEXTBOOK: Preaching with Purpose by Jay Adams

This book is required reading along with the lectures. See book details below.

TEXTBOOK: Pulpit Speech by Jay Adams

This book is required reading along with the lectures. See book details below.

TEXTBOOK: Homiletics by P. Y. DeJong

This book is required reading along with the lectures. It is available at no additional cost in PDF only to students of Reformation International Theological Seminary.  It covers the topic of the theory and practice of Reformed preaching.

This book is specifically intended to serve students in a Reformed seminary? Many of those which have appeared can be used with a measure of fruitfulness. But with only a rare exception these address themselves to only a few of the areas which demand study, reflection and discussion. Some deal somewhat exclusively with topics and themes deemed worthy of a sermon in these days; others largely with style and delivery. Too incidentally is mention made of theological foundations in redemptive history and the unique calling of Christ’s congregation in a dying world.

In an attempt to meet this need the material found in these pages was first prepared in the form of a class syllabus for students in Mid-America Reformed Seminary. Now it appears in revised form with the prayer that God our heavenly Father, who calls preachers to the holy office of “leading sinners to reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ and nurturing believers in the faith and life of the kingdom of God,” may bless this effort to the praise of the glory of his grace.

PAPER: Guidelines for Exegesis Paper

This paper provides the needed guidelines to follow to produce a proper exegesis paper.  It is provided without charge to the students along with the lectures in a PDF format.

You will receive an email from us with a link that will allow you to download course lectures, PDFs, etc., after you complete your order.

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