The New Testament: Intro to its Literature & History J. G. Machen


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The New Testament:  An Introduction to its Literature & History by J. Gresham Machen

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The writing of John Gresham Machen was characterized by clarity of thought, depth of scholarship, and an evident passion for the message of the Bible. It is a mark of his peculiar gifts that none of these features is lacking in these chapters of New Testament Introduction. They are a valuable part of Machen’s witness to the integrity, magnificence, and plentitude of the writings that constitute the New Testament.

In plain yet graphic fashion, the New Testament is here introduced without its message being relegated to a position of secondary importance.  The groundwork of history and geography, biography and interpretation, is covered thoroughly, and yet in a manner uncluttered by references to innumerable scholars, and in a warmly vibrant style.  Those beginning to study the new Testament will find this an invaluable guide, while mature students will discover it to be stimulating and penetrating to an unusual degree.

This is a popular work in the best sense, and may be used for both private and group study.

Machen was the principal founder of Westminster Seminary and of what is now the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  He died on January 1, 1937, speaking among his last words, of the glory of heaven and of his thankfulness for the ‘active obedience of Christ’.

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